Growing Living Wage Jobs

  • The Port has been an economic engine for high salary jobs such as longshoremen, engineers, shipbuilders and more. With many of these jobs holding median salaries of $70,000 a year, the Port can be an economic tool to fight the high cost of living throughout King County. 
  • Not all employees at the Port do as well. Casual laborers, concessionaires, and taxi drivers still struggle to make a living wage. That is why I support "the Fight for 15." 
  • If we want to kick the Port's economic engine into overdrive and help our community prosper, we have to implement apprenticeship programs. I will team up with schools and trades organizations alike to implement apprenticeship programs for those looking for an alternative career path. 

Environmental Stewardship

  • The Port of Seattle has a carbon footprint greater than the entire city of Seattle. As Port Commissioner, I will fight for reduction of carbon emissions through the use of alternative fueling for our air, land, and marine transportation at the Port. 
  • Through the use of alternative energies such as biofuels, we can drastically decrease carbon emissions by pursuing clean energy. while greatly improving air quality for communities affected by Port activity. As we move closer to a clean economy, we have to ensure we reinvest resources into these same communities. 
  • We must also be vigilant in the protection of our public lands and tree canopies. Washington is defined by its greenery and we must fight to keep it that way. 

Experienced Leadership

  • Having spent 10 years on the Seattle City Council, I hold the principles and expertise it takes to be a strong leader. The Port has seen continuous scandals in recent years due to its inexperienced leadership. 
  • The Port must work to be transparent in its processes and accountable for its actions. That is why I intend to hire ethical directors and managers at the Port.